“Third Way” Is Not the Answer

CommonWealth Magazine

IS THERE A “Third Way” to close the charter-district school divide? A recent CommonWealth article suggested there might be. I’d like to add my two cents concerning that possibility and even suggest there might be a fourth.

As a retired public school teacher, I was grateful for the opportunity because our main local forum, the Boston Globe, has largely ignored dissenting op-ed views about school reform for the past two decades. The absence of critical reportage about the charter movement and of vigorous public discussion has helped create the divide.

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2 thoughts on ““Third Way” Is Not the Answer”

  1. Thanks for the very interesting and thoughtful piece, Bill. I agree that “characterization” is indeed as much a mindset as it is an institutional form, and the motivations are not always economic but ideological.

  2. “charterization” I think you mean, Matthew. Watch that dangin’ autocorrect! Agree that Bill’s article is admirable. How revolutionary to suggest that workable “alternatives” exist within the best of our public schools!

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