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Coming up Sunday October 18th at 7:00 pm: Online forum with education journalist Emily Hanford

On Sunday, October 18th at 7:00 pm, award-winning education journalist Emily Hanford will give a live virtual presentation to the Brookline community about what she has learned in her extensive reporting on reading instruction. This presentation will be followed by a Q&A session moderated by Brookline parent Miriam Fein.

Emily has been working in public media for over two decades and is currently a senior education correspondent at APM reports, part of American Public Media. Emily is a graduate of the Public Schools of Brookline.

You can read read more about Emily Hanford here.

And you can check out her audio documentaries about reading here.

You can register for the webinar here:

This event is co-sponsored by Brookline parents Miriam Fein and Meghna Chakrabarti together with the Brookline Parents Organization.


Thanks to everyone who attended our online conversations about Brookline Schools the past two Sundays. A big thanks to our guests and to Meghna Chakrabarti for moderating both conversations.

On Sunday June 7th Brookline Educators Union president Jessica Wender Shubow was joined by other Brookline Educators.

On Sunday May 31st we had Brookline School Committee Members Suzanne Federspiel and David Pearlman. Both videos are available on Youtube:

The BPO is proud to endorse

Suzanne Federspiel
Andy Liu
Mariah Nobrega

for Brookline School Committee!

Please vote for these three amazing candidates on Tuesday June 9th.

Suzanne, Andy, & Mariah believe that:

  • Elementary schools must promote a comprehensive curriculum that integrates science and social studies with language arts and mathematics.
  • Educators must have the time, support, and freedom to do their best and most creative work with children.
  • We must work toward racial justice and equity by supporting all students and striving to eliminate system-wide structural racism.
  • We must have green schools that teach our children to be good stewards of the future.
  • At the district level, financial management must be based on long-term planning and clear priorities.
  • At the school level, educators, families, and administrators must work together to develop budgets that reflect each school community’s priorities.



Planting the Runkle Pollinator Garden (a BPO-supported project)

Welcome to the Brookline Parents Organization!!!

The Brookline Parents Organization seeks to give voice to parents in the governance of the Public Schools of Brookline. Its mission is to provide parents with the information and the platform they need to participate actively in the formation of school policy and the election of town officials. The BPO is committed to excellence in education, creativity in learning, and transparency in school administration. It is open to all parents and guardians of public school students in Brookline.         

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