Punchy New Mission Statement


The Brookline Parents Organization (BPO) seeks to give voice to parents in the stewardship of the Public Schools of Brookline. It will uphold our community’s tradition of excellence in public education.


The BPO takes it as a matter of principle that children are at the center of learning, that teaching is a creative profession, that the purpose of education is not just to instruct but to inspire, and that excellence in public education is not a luxury but the foundation of a strong community.


In order to help parents act in support of their children, the BPO will

  • provide a forum for the thoughtful, passionate, and uninhibited discussion of issues related to public education in Brookline
  • promote transparency among all institutions and constituencies involved in the district
  • gather and analyze the information parents need in order to understand major education policy decisions affecting our schools
  • evaluate candidates for the School Committee and their platforms and proposals


The BPO is open to all current, past, and prospective parents and guardians of Brookline students. All members will have an equal voice in deliberations, and all are eligible to participate in the leadership of the organization.


How does the BPO differ from the existing school PTOs?

PTOs exist as a matter of state law and perform valuable service in organizing support from parents for individual schools. By their charter, PTOs are not permitted to engage in political activity, such as supporting candidates for office or advocating for specific policy proposals. The BPO, on the other other hand, will undertake activity that may be characterized as political in this sense, and it will do so on behalf of parents at all schools in the district.

How does the BPO differ from the existing School Councils?