Press Release: The BPO Endorses Suzanne Federspiel and Paul Harris for School Committee!

The BPO, Brookline PAX, BEU, and BRJE Join to Endorse Suzanne Federspiel and Paul Harris for School Committee

On Tuesday, May 2nd, Brookline citizens will have an historic opportunity to vote for a School Committee that supports the ideals of excellence, justice, and democratic process that have long been the hallmarks of our great public school system.

The Alliance for Brookline Schools, consisting of Brookline PAX, the Brookline Educators Union (BEU), the Brookline Parents Organization (BPO), and Brookline for Racial Justice and Equity (BRJE), have joined together to endorse two highly qualified candidates for School Committee: Suzanne Federspiel and Paul Harris. Suzanne is a long time Brookline resident and parent, and a retired teacher and Boston Public Schools principal who combines a lifelong passion for students and education with an intimate knowledge of the workings of public schools. Paul is also a long time resident and Brookline parent, as well as a town meeting member and founder of its Green Caucus, former co-chair of Climate Action Week, who is deeply committed to public education here in Brookline.

The Alliance believes strongly that Brookline should never repeat the debacle that was the recently resolved three year contract negotiation. It believes strongly in a living wage for paraprofessionals, in freedom and autonomy for teachers in their classrooms, and that students are not data collection points.

“The students of Brookline deserve an education of equity and excellence that addresses the needs of the whole child,” says Suzanne. “In this time of challenge to the public schools at the national level, I am running to protect the integrity of our schools at the local level.”

Paul adds, “I believe I can help the Brookline School Committee engage more constructively with teachers and paraprofessionals. A realization of this will include students, educators, and other staff who love their work, their peers, and the Brookline Schools.”

The Alliance came together out of an unprecedented need for change in the direction and vision of our town’s School Committee, and put its collective energy into interviewing and vetting all of this year’s School Committee candidates. As the result of this process, the Alliance has endorsed Suzanne Federspiel and Paul Harris out of its belief that they are the only two candidates who share a vision for a school committee that is transparent and will work in active collaboration with the community.